EUR 2,990 EUR 2,490

GBP 2,490 GBP 2,090

2 500 EUR

Do you want to finally change your professional life?

Join our JavaScript or Python bootcamp and start your career in IT!

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Do you want to finally change your professional life?

Coders Lab

EUR 2,990 EUR 2,490

Join our JavaScript or Python Developer bootcamp and start your career in IT!

GBP 2,490 GBP 2,090

See where our graduates work

If you want to learn programming from scratch, you have come to the right place. After eight weeks of our intensive bootcamp you will be ready to get a job as a Junior Developer.

We want this career change to be widely accessible, that’s why you will get the best value for money!

Get into a rapidly growing industry

Become a sought-after specialist

Secure yourself a skill that is and will be in demand for years to come

Get a job with an attractive salary and additional perks being a standard

Once you become a software developer, you:

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Python Developer

After the back-end Python developer bootcamp, you will be able to program websites and web applications so they do exactly what you want. By learning back-end Python, you will be able to write server-side code, i.e. the one that an ordinary user cannot see and usually has no idea about.

You will be responsible for system logic and making sure that the front-end part receives the appropriate information to display correctly in the browser window.

JavaScript Developer

During this bootcamp, you will learn to program front-end, aka the part of websites and web applications that the user sees. You will be able to turn graphic projects into working websites with animations and other visual effects.

Your job will be to code web apps in a way that is visually appealing both on mobile and desktop devices, easy to browse and correctly integrated with back-end systems.

Download bootcamp handbook
Download bootcamp handbook

Starts on June 11, 2022

Starts on May 7, 2022

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Check what our graduates say

S. Gregor

I’ve always dreamt about being a developer, that’s why I went to university to study computer science. Unfortunately, the curriculum - which was more maths than programming - was a big disappointment. So
I decided to drop out and participate in Coders Lab bootcamp.

It turned out to be a perfect place to learn coding. The curriculum was wide and work speed intense, but you can keep up with it. I am now a front-end developer. I can say I love my job and Coders Lab definitely helped me start out.

Before the bootcamp I worked as a sound engineer and a musician, but I had been thinking about switching to the IT industry for some time.

The course was a really intensive time. For me it was an additional challenge to adjust from the live events industry to the corporate culture. However, I’ve done it and now I’m finishing two web app related projects. Looking back, the Coders Lab bootcamp was the perfect first step.

J. Aumüller

I used to work as a chemist in a university lab. I decided to participate in Coders Lab’ bootcamp because I felt learning on my own would take too long. Throughout the lectures I loved the motivating atmosphere in our group (I am still in touch with some of the people I met there).

The end project was more of a pleasure than a challenge. At the moment I work in a middle-size consulting enterprise which introduces insurance plans for businesses. The course was challenging, but definitely worth it.

D. Buko

Senior QC Engineer at SoftServe

Software Developer at Sollers Consulting

Front-end Developer at Move Closer

Coders Lab was founded in 2013 by two brothers who wanted to create a new opportunity for ambitious people willing to become software engineers.

Fast forward eight years, almost 8 000 people in 6 different countries have completed our coding bootcamps.

With this experience, our curriculum reflects the industry’s requirements toward Junior Developers.

To ensure your success we hire experienced developers with a passion for coding and gear you in the best tools on the market for remote learning.

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At Coders Lab, you can pay for the course in installments.
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Hours of live classes with a lecturer

Hours of live classes with a lecturer

112.5 h

183.7 h

Hours of live classes with a lecturer

188.5 h

Curriculum preparing for a developer career

Curriculum preparing for a developer career



Curriculum preparing for a developer career


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EUR 2,990 EUR 2,490

GBP 2,490 GBP 2,090

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Coders Lab delivers on-site classes in 5 countries and offers online courses worldwide.

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